this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

I've read a blog post a couple of days ago. It appeared on Lifehacker. It recommends people to teach what they know even if they are not experts. I can only agree with the arguments explained in the post.

Besides this in the last couple of months I have met a lot of people who were really interested in the things what I do and know. They asked for some consulting and coaching. During these sessions most of the questions I got were about product management, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Some years ago I was actually a pretty active blogger. Most of the things I wrote were personal. You know, the kind of posts those are intended to be really philosophical. Though when I read them today they are more like about showing off. I don't like that style now. I changed a lot. 

This blog will be different. The main purpose of it is to inspire others and help them find the answers to their questions in those topics where I had my explorations too and learned something useful.

And I simply just like building stuff. It's time to share it too!

Now I feel enthusiastic about this! Let's get some things done! :)