the Tokyo story begins

Early July. We've just arrived back from our amazing vacation from Provence with Dori and I'm back to work.

I've just realised that I'll have a remote meeting with Richard L about something. Usually I get a bit upset when people don't specify the purpose of a meeting. (You know, it's terribly hard to juggle with my free time, to make sure things get done.) Well candidly the purpose of the meeting hasn't been in the invite. Bummer. It starts in an hour.

In an hour I was almost 100% sure that I'm going to move to Tokyo in August. The reason is here. Product management is crucial and I received this amazing secondment opportunity from Skyscanner to move there for 6 months and lead the product. Sooo cool!! :)

I always had this dream to live in Asia, experience a culture that is so different from what I know very well: the Western culture.

There were some questions those needed to be answered, like if Dori will like Tokyo or not. It actually turned out that her childhood dream was to visit Japan once. Well I can make it come true. Good.

Challenge accepted. Luggages packed.

On the 15th of August we arrived in Tokyo at 6am. And so the adventure begun...